Micah is one of the most well-known and respected electric violinists in the world. His performances in hundreds of nightclubs all over the world have set him apart from other performers. He has given stellar performances in many different countries, including the United States, Spain, Holland, France, Italy, Germany, London/UK, South America, Canada/Montreal, Toronto, Germany, Austria, Morocco, Moldavia, Ukraine, Algeria, Egypt, Latvia, Turkey, Russia, Albania, Syria, Qatar, Dubai, Tunisia,  Belgium, Lebanon, Monaco, Romania, and Switzerland. He plays in styles ranging from the Far East, India, and Middle East to Latin, Spanish, Western and jazz, to name a few.





Las Salinas world famous beach in Ibiza

January 28, 2016

Without music life would be a mistake

February 01, 2016

newspaper of eastern India

January 27, 2016


May 4th - Private event - Paris

May 5th - event - Beirut, Lebanon

May 6th - Effet Mer - Montpellier, france

May 11th - Move to ibiza

May 12th - Move to ibiza

May 13th - Move to ibiza

May 17th - private event - New delhi

May 19th - Private Event - Abu Dhabi

May 20th - Private event - Lahore, Pakistan

May 26th - TBA

May 27th - TBA




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